The fishery is located on a wild pond with an area of ​​38 ha and a depth of 0.7 to 3.5 meters, located far from the buildings, in the vicinity of fish farm. It is located in the western part of Poland. The reservoir is overgrown with reeds, on the north-east and the south-east coast, behind our swims, there is a beautiful forest and marshes, in which there is no shortage of wild animals.

For several decades, it existed as a wasteland, it was stocked with carp from the ponds. Specimens obtained from nearby lakes by our fishermen are also transported to the fishery.

When the reservoir was made available to anglers, we have started breeding and selecting large carp for fishery for several years on the farm. Carp that have exceeded 15 kg they are released. In this way, we care about replenishing and enlarging the fish stock in the fishery.

The bottom of the lake is mostly covered by weed, but there are places with less weed and silt. The bottom of the lake is shaped so that there are also places with a depth of up to 3.5 m.

The fishery has 20 doubled stands equipped with wooden piers with an area of ​​30m2. On each of them there is a boat available to the angler. There is also the possibility of reserving the fishery in advance. By the lake you will find, social facilities with sanitary facilities and a bathroom, which are at the disposal of carpers coming to the fishery.

MAP OF SWIMS.*cavities/ditches are marked in blue