Lake info

The fishery is located on a wild pond covering an area of 38 hectares with depths ranging from 0.7 to 3.5 meters, situated away from buildings, in the vicinity of carp breeding ponds. It is located in the eastern part of Greater Poland. The reservoir is surrounded by reeds, and on the northeast and east-south shores beyond our spot, there is a beautiful forest and swamps, teeming with wild animals.

For several decades, it existed as a wasteland, it was stocked with carp from the ponds. Specimens obtained from nearby farm by our fishermen are also transported to the fishery.

Kiedy zbiornik został udostępniony wędkarzom, od kilku lat w gospodarstwie zaczęliśmy prowadzić hodowlę i selekcję dużych karpi z przeznaczeniem na łowisko. Karpie które przekroczyły masę 10 kg. są wypuszczane. W ten sposób dbamy o uzupełnianie i powiększenie pogłowia ryb na łowisku.

The bottom of the fishery is mostly covered with vegetation, although there are places with lesser amounts of vegetation and silt. The bottom of the reservoir is shaped in such a way that there are also places with depths of up to 3.5m.

At the fishery, there are 20 two-person spots equipped with wooden docks covering an area of 30m2 each. There is a boat available for anglers at each spot. There is also the possibility of early reservation of the fishery. A social facility with sanitary facilities and a bathroom has been built by the reservoir, which is available for the carp anglers visiting the fishery.


Wild and Natural Pond

Spread over an area of 38 hectares, our pond offers anglers not only an exceptional fishery but also beautiful surroundings. Immerse yourself in the wild nature of Greater Poland.


Selective Carp Breeding

Our passion is breeding large carps. Thanks to careful selection, we only release those individuals into the pond that have exceeded a weight of 10 kg, ensuring the richness and diversity of the fishery.


Comfort for the Angler

We think of anglers, which is why we offer 20 two-person spots with wooden docks and boats. Additionally, we provide modern social facilities for your comfort.