Rules and Regulations of Goslawice Carp Lake.

Rules and Regulations of Goslawice Carp Lake.

Weekly booking basis only, from Saturday to Saturday next week.

Pay by bank transfer within 24 hours from the date of booking

Payments in Polish zloty PLN:
Bank account number: 02 2030 0045 1110 0000 0400 5490
Address (if needed):
Gospodarstwo Rybackie „Gosławice” sp. z o.o. w Koninie
ul. Rybacka 2, 62 -505 Konin,
in the title, entering the name, date of reservation and number of the peg, (I want an invoice)

For Euro/Sterling Pound use bank account below:
Bank account number: IBAN: PL28 2030 0045 3110 0000 0005 6450
Address (if needed):
Gospodarstwo Rybackie „Gosławice” sp. z o.o. w Koninie
ul. Rybacka 2, 62 -505 Konin,
in the title, entering the name, date of reservation and number of the peg, (I want an invoice)

Fast online payment via Przelewy24 (only for orders via the Online Store, payment is made immediately),

Entry and leaving the fishery.

The fishery is open from 1st of March to 31st of November, in the month of March and November dependencies on weather conditions.

Entry to the fishery takes place from 14.00 to 20.00, and departure from 09.00 to 10.00


  1. Anglers shall not take the caught fish home and have to act according to the „Catch and Release” rule.
  2. One angler may use the maximum of 3 rods.
  3. Anglers may use hair rigs.
  4. The maximum ground bait per one person is: boilies 25 kg, pellet 50 kg, particle (maize, hemp 25 kg). Tiger Nuts are strictly forbidden.
  5. Anglers may use boats (or rc boats) to place carp rigs and ground baits (they have to wear life jackets while on a boat at all the time).
  6. Anglers can hold the fish in sling until they are ready to take a picture (but no longer than 15 minutes).
  7. Fishing is permissible only from angler’s fishing peg and shall be done in a straight line.
  8. Anglers must not disturb other anglers while fishing and not go beyond their fishing area.
    It is forbidden to:
    • Use a braid as a main line.
    • Use carp leaders made of braid.
    • Use private landing nets, unhooking mats and weight slings (the Fishery provides a landing net, an unhooking mat and a weight sling).
    • Use private inflatable boats (the fishery provides professional boats).
    • Destroy plants.
    • Parking cars beyond the designated area (main parking and parking place next to a peg).
    • Drive cars around the fishery at all the time.
    • Relieve oneself in other places than the designated toilet.
    • Open fire.
    • Swim in the fishery and nearby lakes.
    • No fishing in neighboring ponds
    • Makes noise.
    • Drink alcohol.
  9. The peg must be kept clean and tidy. Before leaving, it will be checked by the manager of the Fishery.
  10. The owner shall not be responsible for any incidental accidents or belongings left at the Fishery.
  11. Anglers that break the rules or act in a way that violate them will be expelled from the Fishery without the possibility of refound. Moreover, such anglers will not be given the permission to be back to the Fishery in the future.
  12. Anglers that destroy belongings of the Fishery may be hold responsible for it.
  13. Changing the angler’s peg is only possible after obtaining the manager’s permission, on condition that there are enough free pegs available.
  14. While taking pictures, anglers shall take special care of the carp safety and pour water on it regularly.
  15. There is possibility to extend the period of stay at the Fishery only when a peg is not booked by another angler.
  16. The bailiff of the fishery has the right to check the rigs on request.
  17. A person who obtains the permission to fish at the Fishery is responsible for any other accompanying persons.
  18. Visits of unauthorized persons are forbidden. Only the manager of the fishery can agree the visit of the guest.
  19. The person who bought the fishing permit is liable for the accompanying person. If the accompanying person is a minor, the person who has bought the fishing permit is obliged to sign a statement that the child is under his/her protection. Refusal to sign this statement results in refusal to allow the minor to enter the fishery.
  20. Before starting the fishing, every angler is obliged to sign a statement in which he accepts and confirms that he is acquainted with the rules of the fishery.